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clearing up the confusion

no, my dad is not in a play. my mum is just a “cheeky monkey” as my dad would say (aka: smart aleck).

maybe you have to live in erie for a while i know my parents to see how funny that actually is…haha! 🙂

a thing and other things.

first: my great-aunt (my boss’s mother) was on our local news…
second: the other day my dad told about this dream he had. he said in the dream he was in a play. it was SOOO real, he though he really WAS in a play, so when he woke up, he had to ask my mum, “am i in a play?” and she responded, “yes. at the erie playhouse.”
that reminded me of a dream i had, so i told him about it. i said i remembered it was very weird, and i knew something bad was going to happen in the dream, and i wanted to wake up, because i knew it WAS a dream, and didnt want to experience the “bad” part. i remembered it had something to do with large boats / cruise ships / yachts. in the dream i heard someone im’ing me (my laptop is right next to my bed) and that allowed me to almost “will” myself to wake up. then i remembered that i told this person my dream…and here was the conversation:
volleygalore (1:57:19 AM): ugh i’m glad i woke up
volleygalore (1:58:20 AM): i was having this really weird dream…where i was like some sort of james-bond, actionhero type person and there were these “aliens” who were dressedd as kids and i was like, knocking their skulls together to reveal the truth
volleygalore (1:58:37 AM): i didnt want to be there when the truth came out
yeah, so, i don’t know what the heck i told my dad or where i got that information from, but this dream i wrote down at 2am, i don’t remember at all. i don’t remember writing any of it either. weird.
third: rach tagged me to do this:
Arbys – ick, it was stupid, and i didnt like it. and i hated drive through
Design Assistant – i guess this is a good name for it. i had to “job shadow” my senior year of high school at a design firm. they hired me, i worked a few months, then it went down the toilet.
Photo Technician / Specialist – this was one of the best jobs ever. i developed film & other media into pictures at the Walmart Photo Lab. i had awesome friends, made the best of it, learned about cameras, had to deal with stupid customers, and just had an overall fun time…most of the time.
Designer / Project Manager – current position. thanks to a call from my mother to her cousin, i landed the internship about 3 years ago, which led to a part-time position over my senior year in college, which led to a full-time position upon graduation. i do everything from product specifications, drawings and furniture layouts, proposals, purchase orders, presentation boards/documents, bids, fix computers, play with the dog, and…much more. it’s great.
this pretty much is a bad question. i don’t’ regularly watch tv. but here are some things i do watch via DVD or random occasions.
Family Guy
The Office
Law & Order
England – always an amazing vacation…ugh, i love it there
Pittsburgh – i know, boring, it’s only 2 hours away, but i love to go there to visit my friends and for a weekend away
Chicago – been there twice…once for a industry trade show called NEOCON for three days, a second time for a day-long conference. it was fun – i flew out by myself, with only my carry-on. i felt like such a distinguished business woman.
my sister’s house – it’s a place and yeah, i go there a lot.
Nine Inch Nails – i had never really heard any of this before, and after hearing one song on rock band and being recommended another 15 songs by a friend, i’m really enjoying the ones i’ve been listening to!
Paramore – umm, yeah, they are awesome
Sara Bareilles – i really like her. great vocals (easy range for me to sing!) and jazzy
Over the Rhine – i’ve been listening to this band for years, but only recently did i find their album “Patience” again. i realllllly enjoy it!
Sam Philips – same as above, i wanted to write this down because, yeah, i found the CD the other day for “Omnipop” and i forgot how interesting and good it was as well.
ok here are my tags…

kt (even though rach already tagged her)
jamie (cause she’s commented so i know she reads sometimes!)

it’s friday, right?

this is what designers (ahem, graphic designers with webcams) do during their workdays:





(the best thing about the scrabble game is kt’s last word was “sex” and i just realized that…too late! hahahah)


oh, and i thought these deserved recognition as well:


happy friday!



i found this in domino’s March 2008 edition. sustainable make-up brushes!  benefits include:

  1. bamboo handles (did you know bamboo can grow up to 4 feet daily?  that’s crazy)
  2. animal-free bristles
  3. reusable pouches
  4. metallic part made from recycled aluminum cans

plus, they are available at walgreens, which we now have located within a mile from my house, so a trip to the store is extremely easy.

i think someday…maybe…if i get around to it…i’m going to do a post on bamboo’s awesome benefits.  i know they have flooring, building, culinary, decorative, and now beauty-product uses…but i think the plant is very interesting and deserves more credit!  stay tuned, maybe i’ll stop being lazy and do some research on it.


knock knock!

i got an awesome email from knockknock.biz today.  they have the most awesome post its and just these hilarious little notecards and things.  anyway, this was what was in the email…mousepads!!

but i also found these which were great:

check here for better images and info.