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Phase 1 began today, September 30, 2007. i have not yet gotten to make the dresser purchases, but i was able to take apart my other desk and put together the cubes. i can’t believe how much stuff i have, and how much i fit in the new “cubes”! the original plan i had for the room i didnt like at ALL when i first moved the furniture, so it ended up a little different.  i also moved a few other things around, which i wasn’t planning on doing at first. i’m happy with the way things are after phase 1. next steps: memo-samples bulletin board, shelves from ikea & magazine boxes, maybe some other “decorative” boxes for storage on shelves/in cubes, and dressers. oh and i couldnt find the mirror i was looking for today at WalMart, so that was pretty disappointing and annoying!

anyway, here’s some views of the “newer” room at the moment:

dsc07532.JPG dsc07533.JPG dsc07534.JPG


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i was majorly inspired this weekend while reading through a new Real Simple (October Edition) purchased from Wegmans, and my new Domino magazine (subscription received as a gift from our very thankful intern! she also bought me Blueprint). Real Simple’s edition was all about de-clutter and organization. my desk area in my room is an absolute disaster. there is too much desk space and not enough storage space. so, what happens is papers all over the desktop but nowhere to work. i spent a lot of saturday pondering and drawing out the new plan. i browsed target, walmart, ikea, and pottery barn for good ideas in items that will help sort, organize, and hide. my goal is to combine my “vanity” area and my “office area”. when you look at the pictures below, one would think this is probably impossible. but once i looked at the items i have, and what i’m going to try to fit them in, i really think this could work, and could cut down furniture in my oddly shaped room. (plus i will be buying 2 new “dressers). my first plan was a new desk and many other new storage purchases, but after measuring my room and placing in the furniture, i realized the best solution is an existing desk & filing cabinet, and a new cube-bookshelf, wall shelves, and other wall organizers. i’m hoping to purchase most of the major stuff at target this weekend, and tackle it saturday afternoon!

here’s before pictures of the cluttered mess:

this is my “vanity” area (next to the newer cube bookcase that will be staying, but hopefully thinning out).

and here’s my existing “office” area:

here’s what the above is going to look like from when you walk in the door (opposite the desk):

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