i can’t believe how cold it is.  when it is this cold, one should not be working, but under a blanket, with some hot chocolate, next to a fire, watching pride and prejudice or family guy reruns.  i mean, right?  the district where i live had a 2-hour delay today.  that RARELY happens.  a lot of schools are off and the roads are pretty much just covered in ice.  definitely fuzzy boots and fuzzy vest weather.

wasn’t it like 60 degrees only last week??

last week was rough for me as i think the change in temperature caused some wack-o things going on with my body.  i woke up Wednesday morning with the room spinning, an insane headache, nausea, and as white as a ghost.  i took the day off, went in Thursday, but went home after noon.  the doctor told me i had fluid in my ears, and told me to take some over the counter stuff.  i’ve been feeling better every day since, though i think i’m still feeling lightheaded every once and a while, and i almost thought the room was spinning again when i woke up this morning, but i think it was my imagination.  i’ve NEVER EVER felt like that before, and it was probably the scariest thing i’ve ever experienced.

i pretty much have a headache this morning, am freezing, and have no idea where to get started with work.  i don’t feel like my mind is sharp enough to do anything important…hence why i’m doing this instead…

in other news, i have a friend looking to rent out her old apartment…so that may be promising…though kt still wants us all to move to pittsburgh.  sometimes the thought of that is more tempting than anything else…

anyway…keep warm everyone and have great weeks!!


a post?

don’t be fooled, this isn’t going to be very interesting.

i can’t believe it’s almost FEBRUARY.  that is so completely insane.  we’ve been working on a lot of different projects here.  one that’s been consuming most of my time is the new Erie Bank on Interchange & 99 in Erie.  it’s pretty much huge.

next week some Mercyhurst Design students are going to be coming in to tour our office and talk about design and things.  that’s always fun, since one of my best college teachers brings them in.

we’ve been talking about redoing and updating our showroom lately.  i would absolutely LOVE to get the “new” systems furniture put in my workstation.  the way i work is not really conducive to the way i’m set up, but we’ll see.

that’s about all for now.  nothing interesting going on, and i can’t even think of anything fun to post about.

oh, kt and are are going to look into a house in Pittsburgh, where we will live with 8 friends.

Grand Opening!

last wednesday was the grand opening of the new Erie Bank on 10th & Peach in Erie. we did the furniture and helped in coordinating some of the finishes in their “Private Banking Area” so it was pretty exciting to be in there and see everything all together, knowing that i put that together! we actually had very few problems on the whole job, which is always a relief, and the opening seemed to go really well. so far it looks like everyone working there really likes everything, and we received a lot of compliments on the Private Banking Area and their wall color choices.

here are some shots of the space right before the opening started. you can view the whole album here.



well monday is the start of the first full week back at work.  i’m not ready for it.

christmas and new years was a blast with family and friends.  i’ll post some pictures and summary of events soon.

More Packages!

yesterday we received some lovely homemade cookies from our (work) neighbor (and tenant, i guess), and today we received more food and goodies in the cutest packaging ever…


tomorrow we have our work “Christmas Lunchie” as we call it, so pretty much 11 – 3 is filled with food, fun, and wiiiiine. not that i even LIKE wine that much, but whatever! then friday, then long weekend! i’m excited. lots to do today though!


no, this is not a post about another tattoo i am getting…

though, yes, i would like another, but don’t worry, it won’t happen (at least not for a while).

but, for any of you who were afraid my tattoo doesn’t mean what i had been told, here’s some proof! this actually made me really excited:

1) its a KANJI symbol. thanks to my friend josh, i was able to find this out!! haha.

2) here are a few different translations:

– this IS my tattoo (ankle). the translation is “Kindness, Goodness, Favor”. i like that.


– this is “Grace, Dignity” according to the same site…yeah…doesnt look like that


– this is “Grace of God” according to another site. mine is the 3rd symbol:


so. pretty interesting huh?