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so, I’ve been doing most of my postings over here. please check that out (if you even read this…) 🙂

thanks & happy Wednesday!

[and happy birthday Danielle & Biz!]


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i absolutely LOVE metropolitan home magazine. i just received their september issue, (annual renovation issue) where they are “renovation” the look and content of their magazine. i didn’t see much of a difference so far, but did note the new section called “*Word”. this section is random tidbits with pictures and small paragraphs of information about many random things. topics include “look/learn/shop/travel/eat/stay/go green”. there are a lot of interesting pieces in the section – furniture or design pieces, random bits of information in regards to the environment and the “going green”, home accessories, etc. makes me wonder what the actual “criteria” is for this piece! i believe it is literally anything that catches their eye that can be made into an interesting paragraph.

one of the various bits of information includes this blog. this blog is pretty much a smorgasbord of various design products, many not yet available in the US. it is a very interesting website, though half of the pieces on there i don’t understand what their use is, and the other half i would have no use for them anyway! not necessarily very practical, but fun to look at, and maybe somewhat inspiring!

some other “bits of information” contained in this new section of Met Home include Smart Refrigerators, “Wine List” (the purchase of red wine is going up!), a few different and interesting Black & White pieces (asymmetric bowls, blankets made from salvaged cashmere from thrift stores, and planter/vase), a “green” gas station (made of recycled materials, however they [bp] currently only sell regular gasoline, though they are trying to move to alternative fuels here), and a section about “vacations with purpose” – you can visit Northumberland cottage (and stay there) while helping the groundskeepers tidy Lindisfarne Castle (ok i think that would be fun for a day or two).

smart-fridge.jpg flow.jpg

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