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Phase 1 began today, September 30, 2007. i have not yet gotten to make the dresser purchases, but i was able to take apart my other desk and put together the cubes. i can’t believe how much stuff i have, and how much i fit in the new “cubes”! the original plan i had for the room i didnt like at ALL when i first moved the furniture, so it ended up a little different.  i also moved a few other things around, which i wasn’t planning on doing at first. i’m happy with the way things are after phase 1. next steps: memo-samples bulletin board, shelves from ikea & magazine boxes, maybe some other “decorative” boxes for storage on shelves/in cubes, and dressers. oh and i couldnt find the mirror i was looking for today at WalMart, so that was pretty disappointing and annoying!

anyway, here’s some views of the “newer” room at the moment:

dsc07532.JPG dsc07533.JPG dsc07534.JPG


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