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last weekend of October’s trip to Pittsburgh to visit friends & Ikea was a success. i was able to get the two dressers i’ve been dying to get, as well as more storage boxes, shelves, and some miscellaneous accessories/items. “Operation: Declutter” is pretty much completed, though i have not been able to make the bulletin board of red fabric samples just yet.

anyway, here is an updated picture on the room:


also, today was our SECOND TO LAST SUNDAY IN OUR EXISTING CHURCH BUILDING. i mean, i KNEW that we were going to have our first services there the weekend of November 17 & 18 but i didnt even realize how soon it was coming up. it was pretty cool seeing the final episode of the relocation update on the screen – seeing the carpet put in, all the acoustical clouds in the sanctuary…it was just amazing. during communion my dad leaned over to me and said “last communion in this building”. i was just amazed, and it brought tears to my eyes. i have gone to Grace all of my life, in this single building, and soon it will be somewhere entirely and amazingly different. i’m so excited! next week we will be seeing the finished product! some of the furniture will be coming in this week for the offices, and the rest next week! ahhhh! it’s so crazy.

also, our children’s church wing was pretty much completely torn down. that was pretty crazy as well. we had a good turn out of kids, and when we get into the new building and get the new set, it’s going to be amazing!!!



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Phase 1 began today, September 30, 2007. i have not yet gotten to make the dresser purchases, but i was able to take apart my other desk and put together the cubes. i can’t believe how much stuff i have, and how much i fit in the new “cubes”! the original plan i had for the room i didnt like at ALL when i first moved the furniture, so it ended up a little different.  i also moved a few other things around, which i wasn’t planning on doing at first. i’m happy with the way things are after phase 1. next steps: memo-samples bulletin board, shelves from ikea & magazine boxes, maybe some other “decorative” boxes for storage on shelves/in cubes, and dressers. oh and i couldnt find the mirror i was looking for today at WalMart, so that was pretty disappointing and annoying!

anyway, here’s some views of the “newer” room at the moment:

dsc07532.JPG dsc07533.JPG dsc07534.JPG

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Ahhh, the road to organization.  Very exciting.

Yesterday i met my sister at her house, measured the space in her home “office” and maybe will get a chance to draw something up and throw out some ideas for her.  We went to target where i made my first purchases on the road to Organization!

Item 1:   White cube bookcase.  will be turned vertically.

Item 2:  Red fabric cubes for bookcase.  I tried these out in the 9-cube bookcase i already have.  LOVE THEM.  they fit lots of stuff, and completely hide it away.  its wonderful.

Item 3:  Surge protector & extension cord pack.  I’m not going to post a picture of this, because it’s really not THAT exciting, but it’s going to be good to have more outlets, and i plan on taping part of it so it stays right on top of my desk.  no more bending over to plug in that hair dryer every other morning (really, i dont use the hair dryer than much but still, there are many things that get plugged and unplugged).

So, that is all i’ve purchased for now, i’m excited to build and organize and put away on Saturday!!

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