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More Packages!

yesterday we received some lovely homemade cookies from our (work) neighbor (and tenant, i guess), and today we received more food and goodies in the cutest packaging ever…


tomorrow we have our work “Christmas Lunchie” as we call it, so pretty much 11 – 3 is filled with food, fun, and wiiiiine. not that i even LIKE wine that much, but whatever! then friday, then long weekend! i’m excited. lots to do today though!


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Number One

i received gift number one from my online christmas shopping spree yesterday afternoon. it was very exciting. it’s a gift i bought for my dad, but also want for myself, so it took all of my self control to not open it up all the way. i wrapped it up yesterday and made a big commotion as i put it under the tree in front of him.

i LOVE christmas. i love all of my family’s past traditions. i love the new traditions that occur now that we are grown up. my sister and i have always received ornaments from my mum. now that she is off and married, she already has a tree full of memories. we also started a tradition of opening at least one of our gifts to each other (and our ornaments) on christmas eve night. really this is because i just couldn’t wait any longer. our newest “tradition” is getting up, getting dressed, and waiting for my sister and her husband to come over on christmas day before any stockings or any presents are opened. we also always attend christmas eve service at church, and then attend a cousin’s house for traditional italian food, family, and fun.

one of my favorite traditions is watching an old movie called A Child’s Christmas in Wales while drinking home made hot chocolate. i’m not sure how long this tradition has been going on, but the movie is from the 1980’s, it’s only 40 minutes long, and it’s cheesy but funny as anything. of course we know 95% of all the lines, when all the songs come up, and when to laugh.


a new tradition i’ve begun to look forward to is christmas at AJ Grack Business Interiors. my boss’s wife has decorated the office (so every morning it’s my duty to get all the lights turned on), we have our favorite Sarah McLauchlan “wintersong” CD in the player, and we are approaching our Christmas lunch. thursday one of our main reps is coming in, and we take about 3 hours out of our day for lunch, wine, and just enjoying each other’s company. i’m very excited for that.

i can’t believe it’s only 14 more days till christmas! i have so much to do! i am also really wanting to bake cookies.

what are your favorite holiday traditions?

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well it’s officially Christmas time at AJ Grack Business Interiors…

dsc08328.jpg dsc08332.jpg

dsc08334.jpg dsc08340-1.jpg


i love Christmas because of all the decorations and the general holiday spirit. my boss’s wife goes through the first weekend of december and decorates the office.

and it’s officially winter today! it’s cold, it’s snowy, everyone’s driving incredibly slow, it took me 45 minutes to get to work, and there’s non-stop holiday music on Classy 100.

dsc08319-1.jpg dsc08325-1.jpg

i’m planning on a “here are my favorite christmas gift ideas this year” post.  all of my favorite ideas so far have been very “office” oriented…and i’m searching for a good gift for a friend (the only one out of the five of us girls from high school not working in an office) still in college.  i know she wants something for her “newer” apartment.  hopefully i can find something good!  Christmas gifts are so fun to give to people.  i wish i could afford to get the cutest & coolest things for everyone!

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