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while sifting through some memo samples we had ordered for a client, i came up with an idea to use a bunch of different fabrics to make a colorful and inexpensive bulletin board! i’m so excited about this idea, though i don’t know just yet how it’s going to come together. first step: order a bunch of similar color memo samples. memos are great because they are about 8″ squares of a specific textile, and they are FREE! my thoughts are to sew them together almost like a quilt, in maybe 4″ or 5″ squares, then attach them to ether some cork, thick cardboard, or an inexpensive bulletin board. i could probably even use foam board. i’m also envisioning the fabric to wrap right around whatever it is mounted on, so no frame. i’ll have to request the assistance of my home-ec mother for the sewing part, but i think this will be a very cool look.

here are some of the fabrics i’ve ordered:


compliments of KNOLL Textiles & Architex

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my boss’s wife (well, she’s my boss too) brought these in for me today….



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I was TAGGED to complete this meme by my lovely sis!

Four Jobs I Have Had In My Life

  1. Sales Associate – Plato’s Closet (just like sissy!)
  2. Cashier / Food Prepper – Arbys AND Gospel Hill Golf Glub Snack Bar (again like sissy!)
  3. Photo Lab Technician / Specialist – WalMart Photo Lab (i really enjoyed this while it lasted, it was fun!)
  4. Designr / Project Manager – AJ Grack Business Interiors

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over

  1. Pride & Prejudice (both versions) and any other Jane Austen book-to-movie
  2. Father of the Bride (1 & 2) (sorry, had to copy again)
  3. Lord of the Rings (all three)
  4. About a Boy

Four TV Shows I Like To Watch

  1. Seinfeld Reruns
  2. Family Guy
  3. House flipper or “sell this house” HG shows
  4. any cooking show (especially w/ Rachel Ray or Giada Dilasdlkfjdsl)

Four Places I Have Been On Vacation

  1. England / Wales
  2. Toronto
  3. Baltimore / DC
  4. Pittsburgh (granted, its 2 hrs away, but i took a ‘vacation’day)

Four Favorite Foods

  1. Chocolate
  2. Any sort of potato
  3. Chips & Dips (buffalo chicken dip, artichoke dip, pizza dip, french onion dip…and fruit & fruit dip!)
  4. Gelato

Four Websites I Visit Daily

  1. Xanga / MySpace / Facebook / WordPress
  2. Google
  3. Knoll.com
  4. Yahoo

Four Places I Would Rather Be

  1. in my bed
  2. in england
  3. having dinner with awesome friends (and playing games afterwards!)
  4. on a boat with any loved one

Four Bloggers I Am Tagging

  1. Diane – my lovely friend & unofficial mentor
  2. Danielle – wonderful awesome danielle
  3. Jason – diane’s funny hubby
  4. Alethea – always willing to do surveys! great friend’s older sister

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Ahhh, the road to organization.  Very exciting.

Yesterday i met my sister at her house, measured the space in her home “office” and maybe will get a chance to draw something up and throw out some ideas for her.  We went to target where i made my first purchases on the road to Organization!

Item 1:   White cube bookcase.  will be turned vertically.

Item 2:  Red fabric cubes for bookcase.  I tried these out in the 9-cube bookcase i already have.  LOVE THEM.  they fit lots of stuff, and completely hide it away.  its wonderful.

Item 3:  Surge protector & extension cord pack.  I’m not going to post a picture of this, because it’s really not THAT exciting, but it’s going to be good to have more outlets, and i plan on taping part of it so it stays right on top of my desk.  no more bending over to plug in that hair dryer every other morning (really, i dont use the hair dryer than much but still, there are many things that get plugged and unplugged).

So, that is all i’ve purchased for now, i’m excited to build and organize and put away on Saturday!!

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i was majorly inspired this weekend while reading through a new Real Simple (October Edition) purchased from Wegmans, and my new Domino magazine (subscription received as a gift from our very thankful intern! she also bought me Blueprint). Real Simple’s edition was all about de-clutter and organization. my desk area in my room is an absolute disaster. there is too much desk space and not enough storage space. so, what happens is papers all over the desktop but nowhere to work. i spent a lot of saturday pondering and drawing out the new plan. i browsed target, walmart, ikea, and pottery barn for good ideas in items that will help sort, organize, and hide. my goal is to combine my “vanity” area and my “office area”. when you look at the pictures below, one would think this is probably impossible. but once i looked at the items i have, and what i’m going to try to fit them in, i really think this could work, and could cut down furniture in my oddly shaped room. (plus i will be buying 2 new “dressers). my first plan was a new desk and many other new storage purchases, but after measuring my room and placing in the furniture, i realized the best solution is an existing desk & filing cabinet, and a new cube-bookshelf, wall shelves, and other wall organizers. i’m hoping to purchase most of the major stuff at target this weekend, and tackle it saturday afternoon!

here’s before pictures of the cluttered mess:

this is my “vanity” area (next to the newer cube bookcase that will be staying, but hopefully thinning out).

and here’s my existing “office” area:

here’s what the above is going to look like from when you walk in the door (opposite the desk):

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danielle posted about paper source yesterday, which caused me to spend hours searching the website and building a cart of fun things to purchase. here are some of my favorites:

very cool, very feminine, very pretty, black & white business card holder

very cool, patterned designed by Charles & Ray Eames who designed furniture produced by herman miller (Knoll’s rival furniture company)


fun & pretty way to “display” and organize files


i wish i could spend $60 on this pen!


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i love these clocks.



plus, this website is super cute.


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