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a few things i thought i’d post about today.

  1. as i was reading through my met home magazine yesterday, dog-earring many of the pages, i realized that i do this, then barely ever look back on that issue and remember what i liked about it. what i had done before, if i REALLY liked the page or article, was rip it out and file it. i realized it will probably be more useful to me to rip out any pages i like, seeing as after a few early reads, i never go back to the same issue (especially after a new one comes out). that brought me to my next idea
  2. i thought that could be perfect blogging material. the pages i rip out, that inspire me, that i would like to share or expand on. i don’t want to “steal” the magazine’s articles or anything, but i thought this might give me some inspiration and topics!

as i was sorting through this morning i stumbled upon an article about picnics that i had ripped out from domino. two things i really liked about this article. first is reusable sandwich wrappers / place mats (www.wrap-mat.com). second, “fancy china in unbreakable tin”. here are some examples:


also found some very pretty china on the website:



and here was an ad in met home, one of my favorite of all time china sets:

2546622.jpg 2542627.jpg 2541575.jpg 2541442.jpg 2526_cups.jpg

( “Black Fluted Mega” – http://www.royalcopenhagen.com)

i didn’t find any pricing on these, but i absolutely love the white and black, simplicity…so beautiful.

i think that’s all for today! hope everyone’s weeks end well!




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