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i can’t believe how cold it is.  when it is this cold, one should not be working, but under a blanket, with some hot chocolate, next to a fire, watching pride and prejudice or family guy reruns.  i mean, right?  the district where i live had a 2-hour delay today.  that RARELY happens.  a lot of schools are off and the roads are pretty much just covered in ice.  definitely fuzzy boots and fuzzy vest weather.

wasn’t it like 60 degrees only last week??

last week was rough for me as i think the change in temperature caused some wack-o things going on with my body.  i woke up Wednesday morning with the room spinning, an insane headache, nausea, and as white as a ghost.  i took the day off, went in Thursday, but went home after noon.  the doctor told me i had fluid in my ears, and told me to take some over the counter stuff.  i’ve been feeling better every day since, though i think i’m still feeling lightheaded every once and a while, and i almost thought the room was spinning again when i woke up this morning, but i think it was my imagination.  i’ve NEVER EVER felt like that before, and it was probably the scariest thing i’ve ever experienced.

i pretty much have a headache this morning, am freezing, and have no idea where to get started with work.  i don’t feel like my mind is sharp enough to do anything important…hence why i’m doing this instead…

in other news, i have a friend looking to rent out her old apartment…so that may be promising…though kt still wants us all to move to pittsburgh.  sometimes the thought of that is more tempting than anything else…

anyway…keep warm everyone and have great weeks!!


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my friend kristen and i have been discussing the possibility of moving out and getting an apartment. the thought excites me a LOT. i love living at home with my parents (hey, free food, mostly free lodging…i usually get away with them doing my laundry, and my parents are of course oh-so-fun!) but i feel that after 4 years of college and going on 2 years of full-time work, i could be ready for this. i’m dying to fully decorate, design, & furnish an entire “home”. i want to sit in a room other than my bedroom and be able to say “i did this”. i want to sit in a room free from clutter, but full of inspiration.

kristen and i took a trip around “downtown” erie to see if there were any cool looking old houses for rent. we also stumbled upon some renovated apartments that are supposedly pretty nice (and seem decently priced). next step: who knows. maybe call places, see how serious we are!

i’d love to furnish my house in stuff from this website. who new crate & barrel had a more modern, hip company? one of my favorite pieces that i see in a lot of magazines lately around people’s dining tables is this chair:  (Hippie Dining Chair)


ok, so that isnt the exact chair but it’s pretty similar. here are the chairs i first started loving from Met Home magazine: (chairs are by Hans Wegner from DennisMiller.com)


i hope someday i can furnish my home with all the designer pieces i’ve always dreamed about!

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