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check out…

so, I’ve been doing most of my postings over here. please check that out (if you even read this…) 🙂

thanks & happy Wednesday!

[and happy birthday Danielle & Biz!]


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new blog!

check out my friends’ band’s blog: iNSPiRAL’s new blog!

i might be removing this blog and switching over to a new one…not sure yet…stay tuned!

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no, my dad is not in a play. my mum is just a “cheeky monkey” as my dad would say (aka: smart aleck).

maybe you have to live in erie for a while i know my parents to see how funny that actually is…haha! 🙂

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first: my great-aunt (my boss’s mother) was on our local news…
second: the other day my dad told about this dream he had. he said in the dream he was in a play. it was SOOO real, he though he really WAS in a play, so when he woke up, he had to ask my mum, “am i in a play?” and she responded, “yes. at the erie playhouse.”
that reminded me of a dream i had, so i told him about it. i said i remembered it was very weird, and i knew something bad was going to happen in the dream, and i wanted to wake up, because i knew it WAS a dream, and didnt want to experience the “bad” part. i remembered it had something to do with large boats / cruise ships / yachts. in the dream i heard someone im’ing me (my laptop is right next to my bed) and that allowed me to almost “will” myself to wake up. then i remembered that i told this person my dream…and here was the conversation:
volleygalore (1:57:19 AM): ugh i’m glad i woke up
volleygalore (1:58:20 AM): i was having this really weird dream…where i was like some sort of james-bond, actionhero type person and there were these “aliens” who were dressedd as kids and i was like, knocking their skulls together to reveal the truth
volleygalore (1:58:37 AM): i didnt want to be there when the truth came out
yeah, so, i don’t know what the heck i told my dad or where i got that information from, but this dream i wrote down at 2am, i don’t remember at all. i don’t remember writing any of it either. weird.
third: rach tagged me to do this:
Arbys – ick, it was stupid, and i didnt like it. and i hated drive through
Design Assistant – i guess this is a good name for it. i had to “job shadow” my senior year of high school at a design firm. they hired me, i worked a few months, then it went down the toilet.
Photo Technician / Specialist – this was one of the best jobs ever. i developed film & other media into pictures at the Walmart Photo Lab. i had awesome friends, made the best of it, learned about cameras, had to deal with stupid customers, and just had an overall fun time…most of the time.
Designer / Project Manager – current position. thanks to a call from my mother to her cousin, i landed the internship about 3 years ago, which led to a part-time position over my senior year in college, which led to a full-time position upon graduation. i do everything from product specifications, drawings and furniture layouts, proposals, purchase orders, presentation boards/documents, bids, fix computers, play with the dog, and…much more. it’s great.
this pretty much is a bad question. i don’t’ regularly watch tv. but here are some things i do watch via DVD or random occasions.
Family Guy
The Office
Law & Order
England – always an amazing vacation…ugh, i love it there
Pittsburgh – i know, boring, it’s only 2 hours away, but i love to go there to visit my friends and for a weekend away
Chicago – been there twice…once for a industry trade show called NEOCON for three days, a second time for a day-long conference. it was fun – i flew out by myself, with only my carry-on. i felt like such a distinguished business woman.
my sister’s house – it’s a place and yeah, i go there a lot.
Nine Inch Nails – i had never really heard any of this before, and after hearing one song on rock band and being recommended another 15 songs by a friend, i’m really enjoying the ones i’ve been listening to!
Paramore – umm, yeah, they are awesome
Sara Bareilles – i really like her. great vocals (easy range for me to sing!) and jazzy
Over the Rhine – i’ve been listening to this band for years, but only recently did i find their album “Patience” again. i realllllly enjoy it!
Sam Philips – same as above, i wanted to write this down because, yeah, i found the CD the other day for “Omnipop” and i forgot how interesting and good it was as well.
ok here are my tags…

kt (even though rach already tagged her)
jamie (cause she’s commented so i know she reads sometimes!)

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it’s friday, right?

this is what designers (ahem, graphic designers with webcams) do during their workdays:





(the best thing about the scrabble game is kt’s last word was “sex” and i just realized that…too late! hahahah)


oh, and i thought these deserved recognition as well:


happy friday!

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