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we are supposed to find out exactly what my gramma’s cancer is today.
pray for my family if you get a chance. i’ll update when i know more.

ok here’s an update, but it isnt a good one, cause they still don’t freakin know anything.

here’s what we know:
shes got cancer
it’s not lymphoma

here’s what we don’t know, but that they think:
it’s ovarian cancer

here’s what they are doing:
chemo & radiation.  PET test to find out more.

that’s all.


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people chain

Sunday was an absolutely awesome event.  It was pretty sad, it being the last services in our old Grace as we know it, but it was so incredibly exciting.  We were given a few minutes at the end of the service to say “goodbye” to Grace on 38th, however we saw fit.  I went down to the front and reminisced on all the memories in that building.  Children’s church, remembering the construction of the narthex and nursery area, all the many services being in that sanctuary, all the times I’ve been on stage…singing, dancing, acting…all the powerpoints I’ve done and watched be up on that rolled out screen, all the youth group memories and times I’ve been down front on my knees for my own problems or my fellow brothers and sisters…I remember standing up on the stage during one Insight (Youth Group) in high school where I gave a short testimony about my life as a “Christian From Birth”.  All the weddings I’d seen taken place in that church…how I always dreamed that MY wedding would be in there someday…

but then it was on to the new building. It was just a little chaotic at first, to decided if I was to drive Rachel and Dave around while they video taped and snapped pictures, but instead they decided to walk the 2-mile-ish trek with our very own Pastor Al.  I drove up there myself and took some pictures and video of the lines of people waiting to be passed the Bible and Cross to symbolize our move.  It was pretty neat.  Being in the new building…not quite “home” just yet…but filled with excitement and tears of exhaustion and anticipation…it was just…awesome.  it’s not quite home yet, though the amount of times I’ve been there and the other volunteers and staff, I’m surprised it doesn’t feel like it already.  I’m glad I got to help work on the project, so I know about the building, where things are, and feel somewhat comfortable in there already.  And it was amazing to have an almost packed-out house for our first “service” and worship there.  Incredibly cool.  I can’t wait till this weekend.


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fun find!

how cool is this? if you are in need of some quick power for any type of electronic gadget (MP3 player, cell phone…and i supposed portable cd or cassette player if you were to still use those), you can use this gadget, HYmini wind charger, to give you that extra juice. The HYmini uses wind and solar power to recharge any one of your many gadgets!

fun and not a completely out-of-price range (i’ve read it’s around $80) environmentally friendly gadget!


(photo courtesy of engadget.com)

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last weekend of October’s trip to Pittsburgh to visit friends & Ikea was a success. i was able to get the two dressers i’ve been dying to get, as well as more storage boxes, shelves, and some miscellaneous accessories/items. “Operation: Declutter” is pretty much completed, though i have not been able to make the bulletin board of red fabric samples just yet.

anyway, here is an updated picture on the room:


also, today was our SECOND TO LAST SUNDAY IN OUR EXISTING CHURCH BUILDING. i mean, i KNEW that we were going to have our first services there the weekend of November 17 & 18 but i didnt even realize how soon it was coming up. it was pretty cool seeing the final episode of the relocation update on the screen – seeing the carpet put in, all the acoustical clouds in the sanctuary…it was just amazing. during communion my dad leaned over to me and said “last communion in this building”. i was just amazed, and it brought tears to my eyes. i have gone to Grace all of my life, in this single building, and soon it will be somewhere entirely and amazingly different. i’m so excited! next week we will be seeing the finished product! some of the furniture will be coming in this week for the offices, and the rest next week! ahhhh! it’s so crazy.

also, our children’s church wing was pretty much completely torn down. that was pretty crazy as well. we had a good turn out of kids, and when we get into the new building and get the new set, it’s going to be amazing!!!


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