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launch party


today, whoisgrace.com launches. whoisgrace.com is the brain child of some of my favorite people at our church. it’s a site to tell you about the amazing move we will be making to our new church facility in only a few short weeks. it’s a site connecting you to the ideas of grace, the events of grace, and most importantly, to the people of grace (hey, look i’m on there!).

sometimes the thought of Grace Church moving to a different location is sad and scary to me. i’ve gone to this church all of my life, accompanied by my close family and friends. the thought of maybe never going back there makes me sad. but then, i walk into the new building, and i’m overwhelmed and amazed by the future that is ahead of us with all the new opportunities awaiting us in this new space. the fact that this is something that i was able to be a part of, that my generation will start leading this church, that everything about the new building is catered to what we need and all the new people we hope to see join us there. i tell ya – the people of grace are doing exciting things!

take some time to check out the site, and definitely take some time to visit us when we move in!


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October Sun

dsc07686.jpg dsc07676.jpg

dsc07633.jpg dsc07677.jpg

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fridays are great. i mean, who doesnt love fridays?

tonight i start my 5-day house/cat sitting for my aunt & uncle (well, aunt is really my mum’s cousin and uncle is really my dad’s best friend, but whatever). they have an absolutely amazing house that i hope to get some lovely fall pics of this weekend. it’s like staying in a hotel. sort of. anyway.

next week: back to a normal schedule as coaching volleyball ends on monday
next weekend: trip to pittsburgh & ikea! halloween party! seeing my bestest girls!


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favorite pen

ok, so this pen is amazing. i mean, its so good, you should probably all go buy yourself like, 5.

“Uniball Signo Pen”, .5 mm Micro sized point.

not like i need it for this, but has ink that is specially formulated to prevent document fraud. maybe that or its ink that becomes “trapped in paper fibers” makes it write so awesome. comes in light blue, pink, orange, blue, black, red, green, and purple. i think my friend danielle would love this pen. it makes me write awesome like her :).


Listening to: Ingrid Michaelson – Glass
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loving the fall!

ok, so i pretty much love all seasons in their entirety, there’s great things about each one, and i’m always really excited and “ready for _____” at the end of every season. but i really think that fall is my favorite (and i can actually say this all year round). i love scarves, i love hoodies, i love jeans, i love jackets (i love my new “lighter” leather jacket, that i have still not gotten to wear much). however, i do NOT love 75-80 degrees in October. i know, i know, i’ll be wishing for it back when it hits december – march, but i love the cool breezes of fall and the smell of the changing leaves…and it’s not happening QUITE as much as i would hope.

steve and i are making our “annual” trip (i dont know why i put “annual” in quotes, because it HAS been “annual”, even though this will be our 3rd year) to “Hell’s Hollow” in New Castle. It’s a time for us to enjoy nature with each other, not to mention get some great fall pics! yay!



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i love the fedEx guy. i mean, i love getting packages. i like ordering samples online just so i can get packages in the mail. here’s what came in today!!!


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my friend kristen and i have been discussing the possibility of moving out and getting an apartment. the thought excites me a LOT. i love living at home with my parents (hey, free food, mostly free lodging…i usually get away with them doing my laundry, and my parents are of course oh-so-fun!) but i feel that after 4 years of college and going on 2 years of full-time work, i could be ready for this. i’m dying to fully decorate, design, & furnish an entire “home”. i want to sit in a room other than my bedroom and be able to say “i did this”. i want to sit in a room free from clutter, but full of inspiration.

kristen and i took a trip around “downtown” erie to see if there were any cool looking old houses for rent. we also stumbled upon some renovated apartments that are supposedly pretty nice (and seem decently priced). next step: who knows. maybe call places, see how serious we are!

i’d love to furnish my house in stuff from this website. who new crate & barrel had a more modern, hip company? one of my favorite pieces that i see in a lot of magazines lately around people’s dining tables is this chair:  (Hippie Dining Chair)


ok, so that isnt the exact chair but it’s pretty similar. here are the chairs i first started loving from Met Home magazine: (chairs are by Hans Wegner from DennisMiller.com)


i hope someday i can furnish my home with all the designer pieces i’ve always dreamed about!

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