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i found this in domino’s March 2008 edition. sustainable make-up brushes!  benefits include:

  1. bamboo handles (did you know bamboo can grow up to 4 feet daily?  that’s crazy)
  2. animal-free bristles
  3. reusable pouches
  4. metallic part made from recycled aluminum cans

plus, they are available at walgreens, which we now have located within a mile from my house, so a trip to the store is extremely easy.

i think someday…maybe…if i get around to it…i’m going to do a post on bamboo’s awesome benefits.  i know they have flooring, building, culinary, decorative, and now beauty-product uses…but i think the plant is very interesting and deserves more credit!  stay tuned, maybe i’ll stop being lazy and do some research on it.



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i got an awesome email from knockknock.biz today.  they have the most awesome post its and just these hilarious little notecards and things.  anyway, this was what was in the email…mousepads!!

but i also found these which were great:

check here for better images and info.

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i can’t believe how cold it is.  when it is this cold, one should not be working, but under a blanket, with some hot chocolate, next to a fire, watching pride and prejudice or family guy reruns.  i mean, right?  the district where i live had a 2-hour delay today.  that RARELY happens.  a lot of schools are off and the roads are pretty much just covered in ice.  definitely fuzzy boots and fuzzy vest weather.

wasn’t it like 60 degrees only last week??

last week was rough for me as i think the change in temperature caused some wack-o things going on with my body.  i woke up Wednesday morning with the room spinning, an insane headache, nausea, and as white as a ghost.  i took the day off, went in Thursday, but went home after noon.  the doctor told me i had fluid in my ears, and told me to take some over the counter stuff.  i’ve been feeling better every day since, though i think i’m still feeling lightheaded every once and a while, and i almost thought the room was spinning again when i woke up this morning, but i think it was my imagination.  i’ve NEVER EVER felt like that before, and it was probably the scariest thing i’ve ever experienced.

i pretty much have a headache this morning, am freezing, and have no idea where to get started with work.  i don’t feel like my mind is sharp enough to do anything important…hence why i’m doing this instead…

in other news, i have a friend looking to rent out her old apartment…so that may be promising…though kt still wants us all to move to pittsburgh.  sometimes the thought of that is more tempting than anything else…

anyway…keep warm everyone and have great weeks!!

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